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The final phase of our two-decade-long vision for our Campuses comes to life. A vision that demonstrates resoundingly that student health and well-being are paramount. A vision that compels us to act boldly, dedicating time, space, and resources to the daily physical and mental health of every Parker student.


At Parker, our students have enjoyed tremendous educational benefits from our community's philanthropic investment in state-of-the-art academics and arts facilities. The same can hold true for physical education and athletics.


We believe high-quality physical education and athletic
programs are an integral component of our students’ well-rounded educational experience and bring lasting benefits to children. We also value the role of sports and recreation in sparking joy. These spaces will be both for our students and for our local community: a place to gather, play, and compete. 

Pool Render 2.png


Parker students will finally get to dive into a brand-new

26.5-meter by a 25-yard pool that overlooks the

beautiful Mission Valley. But it is not just about a pool. 


This project also includes a new two-court gymnasium with 1,100 bleacher seats, student Commons, locker rooms, professional offices, multi-use classrooms, and more.

Thoughtfully-designed athletic spaces elevate everyone's self-esteem. Dignity is fostered. Dreams are born. Spirit is nurtured. Fun is contagious. And pride is a tradition. 

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