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Linda Vista Campus History

Inspired architecture and design have always played a central role in the development of Parker's campuses. Artfully created spaces on the Mission Hills Campus that join classrooms with the natural environment were the work of famed architect William Templeton Johnson, who co-founded the School in 1912 with his wife, Clara Sturges Johnson.

The Linda Vista campus has undergone dramatic transformations over the last 50 years, mirroring the goal for Parker students to have bright, contemporary, and exciting learning spaces that inspire and cultivate the development of many skills and interests.

The Master Plan was completed in seven phases: the Mission Hills Campus renovation and expansion (completed in 2004); synthetic turf and lights for the Linda Vista Campus (2004); 29 classrooms, Viterbi Science Center, Nicholas Commons, offices, and Senior Lawn (2006); Linda Vista Campus library, Middle School classrooms, Tchang Science Building, Gildred Math Building, and Middle School Courtyard (2007); Visual Arts Center, music studios and Peters Family Building (2009); J. Crivello Hall (2009); and the Student Life Center and parking garage (2019).


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Linda Vista land acquired

Parker purchased the San Miguel School for Boys for $1.2 million.


Middle School opens

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Field House inaugurated

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Amelita Galli-Curci Performing Arts Center dedicated

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Building Campaign begins

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It wasn't just about building shiny new buildings for the sake of having a pretty school. It was consistent with the mission of the School, to develop the whole child and productive citizens of the world. This was always done with the best interests of the students in mind. It is a changing world, and we wanted to keep up with the technology, the science, and to provide more outlets in the arts and music."


Jeff Silberman '75 and past Board of Trustees Chair

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Inauguration and opening of the Viterbi Science Center, 29 Upper School classrooms, Linda Vista Library, Tchang Science Building, Visual Arts Center, Rose Art Gallery, and J. Crivello Hall.

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The Heart of Campus Campaign concluded in 2019, and opened with a two-story, multipurpose Student Life Center that included a new dining commons with flexible meeting spaces and a dining terrace. Below ground, a new two-level parking structure added 231 parking spaces.




Phase 8, otherwise known as Parker Forward, will be a capstone project for the Linda Vista Campus that is almost 20 years in the making. Priority projects for Parker Forward will include an expansion of the Student Life Center, and a new Aquatic Center. Read more about the project here.


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As we look to the next decade and beyond, aware of the competitive landscape of independent education in San Diego, Parker's commitment to sustaining and elevating the athletics and physical education program demands that we set forth an aspirational vision for the ongoing success and well-being of every Parker student."


Kevin Yaley, Ph.D., Head of School

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